Sunday Worship

Our worship service (liturgy) has the same two basic components that have marked Christian worship since the Church's earliest days: Word and Sacrament.  Here is an outline of our service so you know what to expect.

Service of the Word

  • Opening prayers and song
  • Reading of Scripture
  • Sermon
  • Prayer
  • Passing of Peace

Service of the Sacrament

  • Present Offerings
  • Prayer
  • Receive Communion
  • Blessing
  • Closing song and Dismissal

Community Life

We value our personal relationships with each other highly, 

so we seek opportunities to spend quality time together. 

After our service on Sundays, we have a "coffee hour" for casual conversation.

We pursue ministry opportunities and joint services with other local churches. 

We do not believe God is only at work in our church. We are enriched by our participation in the broader church community of the South Coast.