• the rev. brian morelli

    Brian is the pastor of Spirit of Christ Church.  In addition to leading SOCC in all its ministries, he works full-time for an asset management firm in Boston.  He studied for ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and was ordained a priest in 2011.  He is married to Naomi; they have three children.

  • the rev. james mumma

    Jay is a deacon at Spirit of Christ Church.  The word deacon means 'servant.'  Jay has been a pillar of SOCC since its inception, serving in a variety of roles as a servant and a leader.  He works full-time in IT for CVS.  He was ordained as a deacon in 2018.  He is married to Deb; they have two children.

  • mrs. kathy demello

    Kathy serves as the chaplain of SOCC.  Under Pastor Brian's oversight, she ministers to those who are sick and in need of prayer and emotional support.  Kathy is a CPE-trained chaplain.  She is married to John; they have two adult children as well as grandchildren.

  • Mrs. Annie Kippe

    Annie serves as the missioner of SOCC.  Under Pastor Brian's oversight, she works to develop the mission and outreach ministries of SOCC.  She is married to Matt; they have four children.

  • the rt. rev. steve Breedlove

    Bishop Steve oversees the churches of the Diocese of Christ our Hope.  He lives in North Carolina with his wife, Sally; together they have five adult children and a wealth of grandchildren.  Bishop Steve provides oversight, guidance and accountability to the leadership of SOCC.

  • vestry

    While Pastor Brian is responsible for the ministries of SOCC, the Vestry is responsible for the stewardship of SOCC's assets.  The Vestry provides feedback on the ministries of the church and attends to its legal and financial needs.