What We Believe

As Christians, we believe that:

  • God created the universe
  • Humanity was originally good, but chose to betray God
  • As a result, our nature became corrupted and death was introduced into the world
  • God revealed Himself through the Jews in the ancient world
  • The history of Israel shows us that we cannot make things right ourselves
  • Therefore, God became one of us (Jesus) in order to save the world and make it new
  • Jesus was fully God and fully man, born of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary
  • Jesus died on the cross as a substitute for all who believe in Him
  • By believing and being baptized a person is forgiven and given the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit assures us of the life of the world to come and helps us live upright lives now
  • In the end, Jesus will return and remake the universe, where we will live with Him forever

Anglican Christianity

Spirit of Christ Church is an Anglican church. "Anglican" means "of the Angles" or "of England."  Specifically, it refers to the Church of England, which is where we trace our roots.  Christianity has been present in the British Isles since the 2nd century and developed as a unique expression of the Faith.  The Church of England grew into a global church and has come to be called the Anglican Communion.  This is now the third largest church in the world.

Being Anglican means that we are rooted firmly in the Bible and Tradition. We look to the Bible as our ultimate source of doctrine and discipline, and thus seek to have all we say and do conform to the Word of God. We also look to the traditions of the Church for guidance in interpreting and applying the Bible. We do not believe that our faith should differ greatly from what most Christians have believed throughout history.  We describe ourselves as being Evangelical, Catholic, and Charismatic all at once.  See below for specifics on what that means.

  • "evangelical"

    With other Evangelical Christians we believe:

    • The Bible is the supreme source of doctrine and discipline in the Christian life
    • Personal faith is necessary to be right with God
    • We are called to share the good news of Jesus ("Gospel") with everyone
  • "catholic"

    The word catholic means 'universal.'  We are catholic insofar as we:

    • Believe as the church always has - holding to the Bible and the ancient creeds (statements of faith)
    • Worship as the church always has - liturgically, following the pattern set in the ancient church
    • Behave as the church always has - embracing classical Christians ethics and morality
    • Relate as the church always has - organizing our life together as interdependent with other churches as part of the Diocese of Christ our Hope and the Anglican Church in North America
  • "charismatic"

    Not to be confused with Pentecostal, we, as charismatic Christians, believe:

    • The Holy Spirit lives within every person who believes in Christ and has been baptized
    • The Holy Spirit gives every Christian gifts for ministry which He expects them to use; some of those gifts are supernatural in nature